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How to play

Aloof is a puzzle battler, like Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo and Puyo Puyo Tetris, but plays completely different. In the world of Aloof you summon and defend small islands all the while you build combos against your opponent.

In Aloof the pieces don't descend by themselves and you can even move up! Not happy with the pieces in your field? You can flush them away by holding the flush button. The game isn't about zoning out. It's about responding to your opponent, taking your time to think and move fast when you can!

How to summon an Island

Stop your opponent from getting an Island

How to attack with combos

Heal after an attack


It's dangerous to go alone

Your plan at your pace

Keeping online alive

Play your role in real co-op

Multiple win conditions

Stuff for nerds

Online Adventure

Beat the world

The Online Adventure consists of matches against opponents with the same amount of wins as you. The levels are randomly selected and get harder after each win.

Search and Play!

You can play all the offline modes while searching for an online match.

Searching online is indicated by this icon:

Face your opponent

Playing online, all players see themselves on the left, facing an opponent on the right. This makes the Online Adventure feel like a small campaign.

This is done by mirroring each online match.



Default gamepad controls

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Keyboard controls

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